Melasma and Pigmentation

Hamilton Cosmetic Dermatology can treat melasma or “pregnancy mask” so you can face the world with a smooth complexion.

Pigmentation is the colour of the skin. Melasma is a common skin pigmentation disorder that causes brown or grayish patches to appear primarily on your face. Sometimes referred to as “pregnancy mask”, it is often, but not exclusively, triggered by a change in hormones during pregnancy or from contraceptive pills. Melasma is harmless but can be treated.

Hamilton Cosmetic Dermatology offers a number of effective treatments for pigmentation issues. The right treatment depends on the severity of the melisma, your skin tone, age, and preferences.

Hamilton Cosmetic dermatology melasma treatment photo

These treatment options for Melasma are available at Hamilton Cosmetic Dermatology:

Excel V™ Plus Laser

This is the gold standard laser for treating skin discolouration and pigmentation concerns. The Excel V™ Plus Laser technology uses high-power pulses of light energy to target surface-level pigmentations and stimulate collagen production. The Excel V™ Plus Laser has a dual wavelength that heats the upper dermis while also cooling the skin, making it the most comfortable laser treatment on the market.

Laser Genesis™

Laser Genesis™ skin therapy is an innovative, technologically advanced method that penetrates below the surface of the to target melanin responsible for dark patches on the skin. Laser Genesis™ gently heats the upper dermis directly under the skin, shrinking the pores and stimulating growth of new skin cells and collagen. The result is smooth, vibrant and healthy looking skin.

Glycolic Peels

A glycolic peel rapidly exfoliates the top layer of skin, removing dead skin and excess oil that can clog the pores. It It’s quick, easy to apply, and interferes with melanin production to enhance the treatment of melasma. A glycolic peel is an excellent choice if you are looking for renewed, refreshed complexion with no downtime.

Secret™ RF

Secret™ RF is a radiofrequency microneedling device that inserts 64 tiny golden needles at a time into varying depths of the skin. Energy is then released from the tips of the needles to simulate a more aggressive wound and promote healing, which is accompanied by increased collagen and elastin production.