Don’t suffer unnecessarily from rosacea. Get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan from Hamilton Cosmetic Dermatology.

Rosacea is a common inflammatory skin condition that is recognized by frequent flushing, redness and acne-like papules or pustules on the central regiions of the face. It’s sometimes called the “curse of the Celts” because it is seen in people with fair skin, especially of Celtic origin or northern European descent. Rosacea can occur at any age but usually affects adults over age 30. There are a number of types or rosacea so it’s important to get a professional diagnosis and advice about the best course of treatment.

Hamilton Cosmetic Dermatology has dedicated consultation appointments for new patients suffering from rosacea to ensure you receive appropriate advice and treatment.

These treatment options for rosacea are available at Hamilton Cosmetic Dermatology:

Excel V™ Plus Laser

This is the gold standard laser for treating skin conditions including rosacea, broke capillaries and acne. The Excel V™ Plus Laser technology uses high-power pulses of light energy to target abnormal blood vessels and pigments in the skin. The Excel V™ Plus Laser has a dual wavelength that heats the upper dermis while also cooling the skin, making it the most comfortable laser treatment on the market.

Laser Genesis™

Laser Genesis™ skin therapy is an innovative, technologically advanced method that penetrates below the surface of the skin. Laser Genesis™ gently heats the upper dermis directly under the skin, shrinking the pores and stimulating growth of new skin cells and collagen. The result is smooth, vibrant and healthy looking skin.

Glycolic Peels

A glycolic peel rapidly exfoliates the top layer of skin, reducing the appearance of redness and acen like bumps. This skin is then replaced by new, healthier skin cells. A glycolic peel is an excellent choice if you are looking for renewed, refreshed complexion with no downtime.

Hydrafacial MD

Hydrafacial skin treatment consists of three steps: it exfoliates, decongests by extracting debris from pores with painless suction, and deeply hydrates the skin with custom serums. This is a very comfortable pampering procedure that becomes part of a monthly ritual.